Discipline Committee
As per the direction of Mahatma Gandhi University, the College functions under the guidelines of a discipline Committee constituted by the College:
  1. Students are expected to be in their uniform on all Tuesdays and Thursdays and on special days.
  2. Students should get prior permission from the concerned optional teacher before taking leave and the leave form should be submitted to the Principal with the signature of the optional teacher.
  3. Use of mobile phone is banned in the College campus.
  4. No late coming and early leaving is permitted, in case of being late due to unforeseen reasons, the students shall avail permission from the Disciplinary Committee Chairman.
  5. Free hours should be utilized in the library or in the works assigned.
  6. No student other than the inmates of the men’s hostel/women’s hostel is permitted to enter the hostel.
  7. Students are expected to be in their respective classes at the ring of the first bell itself.
  8. Students can put their grievances in writing in the Grievance Redressal Box placed in the Work Experience Room.