Endowments and Scholarships
Name of The Endowment Amount
Endowment/Instituted By Special Conditions, If Any
Prof. PT. Thomas 1000/- Prof. P.T. Thomas Top Scorer of the College
Rev. T.C.Thomas 6500/- Rev. T.C.Thomas Highest marks in Social
Science & General Paper
Rt. Rev. Dr. Zachariahs Mar
Theophillus Suffragon
2500/- Rt.Rev. Dr. Zacharias
Mar Theophilus Suffragon
Highest mark in Natural
Karimparampil Thomas John   Mar Thoma Sabha Mar Thoma Sabha
Proficiency Prize 2500/- College Fund Highest mark in Mathematics
Prof. C.A. George 2500/- Prof. C.A. George English Elocution
Prof. R. Valsakumar 10000/- Prof. R. Valsakumar Highest Mark in Physical
Proficiency Prize   College Fund Highest Mark in Commerce
Mathews T. Samuel 4500/- College Fund Highest marks in
Mathematics theory paper
Prof. Santhamma Mathew 10000/- Prof. Santhamma
Best Outgoing Student.
Alexander Marthoma Memorial 10000/- College Debate
Jubilee Fund 3080/- College Light Music&Elocution
Jubilee Fund 4000/- College Light Music (Male &
Jubilee Fund 5000/- U.C. Thomas Intercollegiate Light Music
Male & Female
Kalathilakam & Kalaprathibha 4000 /- College Kalthilakam & Kalaprathibha
Men & Women Champion   College Men & Women Champions
Prof. Rachel John 20000/- Prof. Rachel John Library Books
Prof. Sushama Zacharia 25000/- Prof. Sushama Zacharia Aid for the financially poor
Prakash Memorial 5000/- Students of 1998-99 Elouction to School students
Prof. C.A. George 25000/- Dr. Abraham George
Top scorer in practical &
General theory papers
Fr. Shajimon Joseph
(Fr. George Plappallil)
26000/- M.Ed Students (2010-11) Aid for financially poor
Titus Award   Alumni (2011-12) Best Teacher among High School ,
Higher Secondary and TTI
Libary Best
User Award
30000/- Mr. Thomas P.K. Malathettu Users from each Class