Mission & Vision
College Crest
The College crest embodies the mission of the College. The Cross which is central to the Christian faith takes the centre stage and unifies the four symbols of our calling. The lighted torch signifies the illuminated personalities; the dove represents tranquility which is the outcome of sound knowledge; the open book enshrines transparency in all dealings, and the lotus implies transcendence. All these values are not static but dynamic to be transmitted to the successive generations as highlighted by the motto ‘Lighted to Lighten’.

Vision of the College
“Lighted to Lighten”

Mission Statement
Imparting education to develop wholesome personality among its students with moral, civic, and human-rights consciousness.

Involvement and interaction with community as agents of transformation.

Promoting exploration in the realm of Teacher Education in the light of Christian understanding of World and Society.

The Golden Jubilee Logo
College celebrated its Golden Jubilee in the year 2007. The inauguration of the Golden Jubilee Celebration was done by His Excellency Sri. R.L. Bhatia, Hon’ble Governor of Kerala. The Logo of the Golden jubilee celebrations was releasing by keeping the vision of the college in mind.

Different Components Of The Logo And Its Explanations
The Circle
Everything begins from a zero. A child is a sign of a new beginning. Titus II Teachers College remembers with gratitude its humble beginning. It pledges all its resources to train a child to be the sign of hope of a tomorrow.

The Child
A circle repeated and placed on the top of the larger circle denotes that every new generation is yet another step towards wholeness. Education today is child-centered. The College celeberating its fifty years touches its wholehearted commitment to the centerednes of a child.

The Learner
The open book challenges all to an unconditional receptivity. Learning is an unending and open ended process. It is this realization which leads us to enlightenment and empowers us to lighten. Standing firm on its motto “Lighted to Lighten” represented by the tongue of flame, the college is embarked on a continuous journey towards light.

The Pen
The nib which touches the ground, calls us to be aware that education is not preparation for life, it is life, a life full of realities. Begining with realism, learning is an awakening to infinite optimism of dreams becoming realities. The pen with a feather stands for aspirations which will find root and bear fruit only through the hard way of perspiration. The College, the epitome of freedom expressed, will wage a war against all forces that curb responsible freedom.

The pen and the learning child could be re-read as fifty. Nithyachaithanyayathi re-reads the story of five thousand fed by Jesus with five loaves very interestingly. He opines that five loaves stand for five senses, which helps us to absorb, integrate and express. The Child then influences not just five thousand but many more. This is the miracle of Learning. Titus II is a miracle.

The Cross
Everything needs a frame. Education is all about creating a frame of reference. The cross is not placed in the centre, not to question its centrality but to affirm it as the universal symbol of sacrifice. The Child is only born when the Guru dies to become nothing.