Student Support Services
For supporting the students the following services are offered.

As Libraries are places to get unrestricted access to information in many formats and from many sources, we are extending services beyond the physical walls of a building, by providing materials accessible by electronic means and by providing the assistance of librarians in navigating and analysing tremendous amount of information. We have a very good collection of books, journals, periodicals and a consortium of e-journals. OPAC (online public access catalogue) allows users to search the library's holdings from any location with internet access.
A user can access the bibliographic details of books from the website

Personality Development Cell and Counselling
The Cell focuses on the personality development of each student of the College. Service of a professional counsellor is arranged for students.

Ethics Classes and Prayer Meetings
Weekly classes on ethics are arranged on every Tuesday. Prayer meetings are arranged on every Fridays during lunch interval.

Mentoring Group
Students are grouped and put under the personal care of individual teachers.

Special Amenities
Purified drinking water facility and reprographic service are provided to students.

Computer Facility
The computers in the Computer Lab and Library can be used by the students for doing computer applications and data processing. Internet facility is available in the library.

Men’s Hostel
The College has a men’s hostel in its campus. It can accommodate 12 students at a time. There is a non-resident warden.

Women’s Hostel
The College has a women’s hostel in its campus with an intake of 50 students at a time .There are resident and non-resident wardens for the hostel.The functioning of the hostel is monitored by the college governing council.

The Development Department of the Marthoma Sabha runs a canteen adjacent to the College campus, the services of which are available to the college community too.

Career Guidance & Placement Service
Career talks and seminars are organised by the career guidance cell. Campus interviews and placements for students are arranged by the placement cell.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism
This Mechanism serves as an outlet for addressing problematic situations and for adopting remediation measures.

Book Bank Collection
Our College Library has a special collection colled Book Bank Collection for helping financially Poor Students.

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the College ensures quality in all the developmental programs of the College.

Antiragging Cell
The antiragging Cell ensures that the students enrolled for the graduate and post graduate courses in Education study in a ragging tree environment and develop into whole some personalities capable of executing their duties to their highest potential. The Committee comprises of members from the teaching faculty, administrative wing and other vital bodies. Dr. Sunila Thomas, Associate Professor in mathematics Education serves as the nodal officer of this Committee. The contact Number is 9446267547, Email: