Teaching Practise
  1. They should maintain modesty in their dressing.
  2. They should be regular and punctual during the teaching practice session.
  3. They are expected to sign the Attendance Register in the morning and evening before the Headmaster/Principal of the concerned school.
  4. They are not expected to absent themselves during the training period but in case of an emergency they should inform the Head of the institution in advance before a v a i l i n g leave.
  5. They are to strictly abide by the rules of the school.
  6. They are expected to submit the relevant notes of lesson to the respective lecturers for correction and guidance and get them corrected before taking classes.
  7. They are expected to get the signature from the teacher- in-charge of their class in the respective schools, before taking each lesson.
  8. They are strictly advised to have the teaching practice record with them during the class hours.